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Get the Best Self-Storage Units in Dacono, CO

Whether you’re cleaning out the garage, preparing for a move, or simply ready to reclaim that extra bedroom space, garageUnitz is the perfect choice for safely storing your possessions in Dacono, CO. Regardless of your overall storage objectives, we provide a completely personalized experience you won’t get anywhere else. With us, you have full control over the unit under your name, giving you unlimited flexibility that our rivals can’t match.

In order to fully accommodate the needs of our customers, we offer several options for self-storage rentals and sales in the State of Colorado.

For sale

If you need a long-term storage solution, purchasing a unit may be a more affordable option. Our rates are reasonable and designed for every budget. Plus, we’ll provide the support you need, no matter your storage requirements.

Owning units at garageUnitz comes with a number of benefits. Not only does your unit act as an extension of your own property and real estate but you also gain access to amenities reserved only for garageUnitz owners, including our private owners lounge! In addition, we can customize your unit fully to your needs, adding in everything from finished flooring to cabinets and countertops.

For rent

Millions of Americans have discovered the benefits of storage rentals in the State of Colorado and across the country. At garageUnitz, even our standard units are fully equipped with state-of-the-art features and advanced biometric access security. We offer advantages our competition can’t touch, including around-the-clock security, climate-controlled units, access to options like vacuums and air pumps, and even dumping areas for RVs. If you want it, we’ll make it happen!

Short-term and shared

If you don’t need a unit all to yourself or only need a unit for a short amount of time, we can still provide the storage you need. Short-term or shared storage rentals are a great option for individuals or businesses transitioning between locations. Our short-term/shared spaces are also frequently used for college students or businesspeople on extended trips.

If you’re not sure what kind of rental you need, our team can assist you in finding a solution. We’ll make suggestions, offer up quotes, and work with you to create a game plan that fits your unique requirements.

Get in a garage with garageUnitz

With garageUnitz, you get much more than a storage unit: you get one of the best self-storage values in the greater Denver area. Our facility includes digitally recorded security footage on all buildings, large drive aisles for access, a potable water station, and so much more. We create an environment that’s perfect for everyone.

Our standard units in Dacono, CO, begin at a fair price, and our most basic package is still a high-value deal. Our standard features include 16-foot ceiling clearance, cable and telephone pre-wire, 125-amp electrical panel, insulation, and a 14-foot overhead door with an electrical opener, keypad, and pressure sensor. Need more than that? Just ask, and we’ll show you what else we can do!

To learn more, contact us today at (303) 444-8648!